My Final Poster!

Well, I’m proud to say that once this blog post is done, I will be finished with 412. What a semester it has been! This is the first project that I’ve done at UNCG that I’m sad to stop working on. I feel very proud of what I’ve done so far, but now that I’ve done so much planning, I want to see the space created. I have such a sweet spot for this building and I’m so curious what its future will be.

This morning we had gallery style presentations. Below is my final poster. Final Board

I feel very proud of this project. This is the first time that I’ve had the computer skills to create (on a board) what I’ve conceptualized in my mind. I got very good feedback from the reviewers. I got a few helpful suggestions about my bathroom layout, one of my apartment layouts, and a few scale/photoshop ideas to make my renderings stronger.

Here are a few photos I took from the presentation, as you can see, I was cheesing big time.  For my “add-on” I used the laser cutter to make a stencil and painted it onto a signboard I made out of lath. I also made a small display of sample products that I’d be selling at the general store. Looking forward to a break this summer, then learning more in the fall!


Phase 6

Wow! We are miraculously at Phase 6 of this project. I really feel my project is starting to come together. I got great feedback today and will continue to work on finishes, materials, and using scale figures. Oh, and lighting too! As you can tell, there is still quite a bit to do before Phase 7, aka. The Final.



I spent some time last week working on my menu. I’d like to print this on brown card stock. Another goal is to work on branding for Lewis St. General. I’d also like to do a paint microscopy and use the infrared camera….too many things I’d like to do I fear and not enough time.

Lewis St. Menu.jpg

Midterm Feedback

I got some great feedback from the different reviewers last week. I didn’t get a chance to post my feedback with my midterm boards, but now that we’re back from Charleston, I thought I’d take a few moments to go over the feedback that I got. I’m having a hard time locating my notes, so I’ll add more details in the coming day or two.

Floor 1: Lewis St. General

-Make bathrooms tighter

-Add more seating

-Reconfigure kitchen slightly to create more separation between storage and kitchen

-The market door doesn’t need to swing out (I have sufficient exits)

-Reconfigure bathrooms to allow for more market display

-Change table configuration so there are more 4 tops

-Add built-in benches to two front windows in the cafe

-Work on adding layers of light, materials, etc.

-Only one side of ramp is necessary

-Should ramp (and entrance) be moved closer to the building entrance?

Floor 2: Apartments

-Corridor desk needs to be more interactive

-Perhaps desk should not be central, but should be on one side

-Further incorporate washer/dryer into corridor

-Perhaps shorten corridor to allow for more apartment space

-Apt. 2: Move bathroom

-Apt. 3: Swap bathroom and living area

-Apt. 4: move kitchen so that wet wall is shared with Apt. 1

Things that I’d like to work on:

-Layers of light, adding more lighting fixtures

-Changing the ceiling plane in the cafe

-Building a great market display system

-Building benches and cash wrap

-Get floors to look more realistic

-Details: Tile, wall paper

-Apartment kitchens and bathrooms, adding cabinetry and details




Mid Term Review

Greetings from Charleston! On Thursday we had our mid term reviews and then today, Sunday, we came to Charleston to learn more about the city’s architecture and visit several projects here. Thursday was a whirlwind and I learned so much from all of the different reviewers who came to see what we have been working on. Here are the boards I presented.


The last two weeks I’ve worked on space planning. I’ve begun to decide how to reconfigure the upstairs into small studio apartments and the downstairs into a market and a cafe. This has been a challenge and has pushed my Revit skills. Our midterm review is next week and there is quite a bit to get ready before then.

Here are the perspectives and floor plans that I’ll be presenting tomorrow. For my first set of perspectives that I showed on Tuesday, I took the wireframes out of Revit and added color. I didn’t like how these turned out (and I’m too embarrassed to show them). I wanted a quick way to get my ideas out. I’m pretty happy with the results below.SchematicSchematic2Schematic3